Ready Ops

What is the single most frustrating part of building an Information Technology Infrastructure? Surveys tell us that businesses are most frustrated with the quality of sales representation from most technology vendors. To that end, businesses are now relying on consulting and system integration organizations more than ever to aid in important IT decisions. The founders of ReadyOps, both of which have long technology careers with leading high tech vendors like VERITAS, Citrix, Gartner, became frustrated with the lack of focus on customer needs by many high tech vendors.  By leveraging a unique business model, ReadyOps is positioned to provide three distinctly different business advantages:

An efficiently run business resulting in industry leading value. ReadyOps customers will spend less money and achieve higher levels of satisfaction.

Best-in-class employees that allow ReadyOps to help our customers explore leading-edge technology capable of driving competitive advantage while lowering overall costs. Our team will rapidly understand and address complex business issues and provide IT reccomendations that resolve the existing issue while ensuring you are not spending critical IT dollars on great technology that doesn't address the core issue.

ReadyOps culture is centered around allowing our employees to contribute to a dynamic organization, live a healthy - well balanced work and personal life and have the opportunity to pursue goals and dreams that are important to them. This translates to employees that appreciate the customer as the primary business responsibility and have a desire to build lasting relationships that start with always doing the right thing for our customer.