Telecom / Connectivity

Telecom and Connectivity providers are a dime a dozen these days! The difference is in how you purchase these services and from whom. ReadyOps is focused on only representing the leading providers of these services and is committed to providing the service level businesses need to keep the IT organization and their people connected. This means that our customers can expect fast response times, dedicated sales and support resources and the most aggressive prices and solutions available. Whether you require simple local voice, long distance, T-1 or more complex services, let ReadyOps custom tailor a solution for you today.

Telecom and Network Hardware

Hardware is a must have - in order for connectivity to happen, the infrastructure to support the service must first be designed and implemented. Let our team of industry professionals help you determine the right solution, provide a detailed VISIO solutions overview and implement the final solution for you. We work with the top hardware providers in the industry to ensure that your solution will meet your business needs and provide you with a reliable, long lasting solution.